Planzer Homeservice Stories

Help needed

You know the situation: you need information quickly so you call the hotline. Your odyssey through the endless hold pattern of a telephone robot begins, to the nerve-jangling tones of elevator music. Minutes later you are connected to a person who barely knows your language to explain what you need, and why. The call agent is terribly sorry, but your concern is outside their purview. A few frustrating minutes later, you hang up. Back to the back of the queue.

You are important to us

Do you have a question about the delivery date that you arranged with Planzer Home Services via a personalised link? Or do you want to know exactly when your product will arrive because you’re already at home waiting? Or do you want to return an order because it doesn’t meet your expectations? Or your order click was already a few days ago and you’re wondering why no one has contacted you to set up a delivery date? There are many reasons to call our Customer Service Centre – and they’re all equally important to us.

The staff in our Customer Service Centre (+41 44 735 60 50) are at your service on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm to answer all your questions about the selected delivery date, the time window and the delivery itself. The name says it all: we’re here to help.

Grüezi, what can we do for you?

If the information from Planzer Home Services doesn’t answer your question, our Customer Service Centre will be happy to help you. You won’t be connected to a semi-intelligent robot or a semi-trained call agent, but to a helpful and qualified employee of Planzer Home Services. A real, live person who speaks your language, and frequently even your specific dialect.

In good company

We train our Customer Service employees to address your needs, offer them a motivating work environment and equip them with all the technological tools they need in order to respond quickly to whatever comes their way. So our employees embody the spirit of the family-run Planzer company. To put it another way: treating each other like family is extremely important to us. After all, only those who are treated with respect and appreciation will do the same for others. And always do their best.

A solution is at hand

In our Customer Service Centre, there’s really nothing that can’t be answered. We might have to get some clarification or involve the people responsible for the online shop where you placed the order. Whatever the case, our goal is provide real help with our information – and to make sure you can enjoy the delivery experience.

By the way

Customers like you are generally very satisfied with the services from Planzer Home Services. We get great ratings for friendliness and carefulness from other customers through the Home Services web app. But when things do inevitably go wrong on occasion, we learn from it.

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