Planzer Homeservice Stories

Right at home

Whether for the garden, living room, kitchen, bathroom or workshop, OBI has the perfect product for every project. Since 2021, customers in Switzerland have been able to order online at and have products delivered directly to their home. In the gardening season, orders can top several hundred a day. That’s where Planzer Homeservice comes in.

At the end of 2021, OBI Switzerland outsourced its logistics to Planzer Homeservice, recognising that we have something that very few logistics providers in Switzerland can offer: end customer expertise. It’s no surprise, as different rules apply in B2C business – and most of them are written by the end customers themselves. We now take care of all OBI’s deliveries, year-round, from bulky single items to small parcels.

Deliveries large and small

“From drill bit sets to garden furniture, Planzer provides a high-quality delivery experience which is vital to the success of our online store”, says Pascal Venetz, head of OBI Online Hub, of our collaboration. We load bulky items such as garden furniture or bags of compost onto our vehicles on pallets and deliver them to the customer’s kerb. More manageable orders such as sets of screws, brushes, spray cans or other items for active DIYers are delivered to the door by our speedy Planzer Parcel service. Whichever shipment method we use, the items make most of the journey by carbon neutral rail. For green fingers all round.

«In our sector a flawless end customer process is a market-winning factor.»

Pascal Venetz, head of OBI Online Hub

Understanding the end customer

Consumers make decisions on the basis of their experiences and impressions. A positive overall score increases the probability that they will buy, return and buy again. This consumer rationale is hugely important for a full-range supplier such as OBI – and the reason why the company chose our friendly, open and well turned-out Planzer Homeservice team to deliver its online orders.«You have to understand how to deliver to end customers. Because it’s easier to get things wrong than right», explains Heinz Wiedemeier, Director of Planzer Homeservice.

Live rescheduling

A concrete example to illustrate Heinz Wiedemeier’s statement: after ordering, the OBI customer is sent a text and an email with a link that allows them to choose a four-hour delivery slot. If none of our suggestions suit, the customer can contact our customer service directly to arrange a convenient delivery time. One to two days before the agreed delivery time, we’ll send the OBI customer another text message and email. This message will narrow down the four-hour time slot to two hours.

No questions unanswered

As part of Planzer Homeservice’s end-to-end solution, OBI customers are able to use our customer service. Our customer service team is there to answer their emails and calls twelve hours a day, from Monday to Friday. This allows OBI customers to clear up any questions they may have or get information relating to their delivery. Our customer service team is just as vital to OBI as it is to us – because with each uncertainty we manage to clear up and each question we answer, OBI customers’ satisfaction and loyalty grows.

OBI Switzerland

In Switzerland, OBI is operated on a franchise basis by OBI System Headquarters Switzerland and Migros Cooperatives. The company is positioned as a specialist retailer for garden supplies, building materials and DIY, offering a diverse range of over 50,000 products plus qualified advice and support. Since the end of 2021, Swiss customers have been able to order a range of products at and either collect them from their nearest store or have them delivered to their home.

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