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Who doesn’t know the famous kettle barbecues from Weber? It’s a cult classic among charcoal grills. Today, Weber offers a wide range of gas, charcoal, electric, portable and wood pellet grills. What they all have in common is the premium label of the venerable Weber brand. This quality standard is one of the main reasons why Weber opted for Planzer Home Services as its delivery partner for end customers. ‘With a premium product, the service has to be premium as well’, says Pasquale Scarfo, Key Account Manager and Director of E-Commerce for Weber-Stephen Schweiz GmbH.

Cool presentation, hot purchase

In the age of the working from home and stay-at-home recommendations, the garden or balcony has become the oasis of relaxation. Swiss customers have never ordered as many barbecues as they have in recent months. And because people want such a purchase to stand the test of time, they opt for quality – in other words, a Weber grill. It’s no coincidence that Weber is the Swiss market leader.

The desired model can be ordered in a snap at Weber stores or in the Weber online shop. A clear presentation of the products, a practical comparison tool and various buying tips help customers make the right choice. Once the chosen grill has been ordered, Planzer Home Services brings the product – depending on the delivery option – right to the kerb or has two staff members set it up directly in the garden or on the balcony. With a personalised online interaction, a friendly demeanour, a meticulous work approach and device-specific technical expertise, Planzer Home Services provides Weber customers the wow-effect – even before the first flame flickers into action.

Well served even before the steak arrives

‘We want to offer our end customers a perfect user experience, from the order click to the first barbecue party’, says Pasquale Scarfo. Just a few years ago, the purchase of a Weber grill was often followed by disappointment: no space in the boot, problems putting it together, way too much packaging and perhaps an unwieldy old barbecue to get rid of as well. With Planzer Home Services, even just receiving the new grill is a special occasion and thus part of the intended user experience.

The delivery process unites high service quality with state-of-the-art technology. The customer can track their Weber order from the moment they receive the order confirmation. They can choose not only between the various delivery options such as assembly and removal of the old device and packaging, but can also take part in selecting the delivery date and time window, track the arrival of the delivery vehicle (displayed as a Weber grill icon) on their mobile phone, clarify the on-site parking situation with the driver via a private chat window and rate the delivery and assembly when everything is finished. The Planzer drivers bring the device to the desired use location with the utmost care and conscientiousness, professionally assemble and take all the packaging and even the old devices with them when they go.

‘The worst thing is to sell a great product and then not tend to the customer’s needs over the long run thereafter.’

Pasquale Scarfo, Key Account Manager and Director of E-Commerce at Weber-Stephen Schweiz GmbH

Questions welcome

For the recipients of a Weber grill, the Customer Service Centre of Planzer Home Services is the first point of contact for questions about setting an appointment or delivery. Customers can avoid frustrating detours and Weber-Stephen Schweiz GmbH saves valuable service capacity. As the extended arm from the warehouse to the use location, Planzer Home Services provides double the added value for the recipients and the dealer or manufacturer – in this case Weber-Stephen Schweiz GmbH. Pasquale Scarfo: ‘After-sales services are becoming vastly more important. With the technologically supported delivery process and the Customer Service Centre, Planzer Home Services spares us unnecessary calls and complications.’

Same values, same goal

The Weber and Planzer brands are built on a shared foundation of values. Both companies epitomise high-quality products and services, a long company tradition with an eventful history, sustainable business practices and the ambition to be one of the best. This confluence of values has led to a collaboration in Switzerland that has developed into a partnership with interesting synergies. For instance, Weber-Stephen now not only takes advantage of the home delivery service from Planzer Home Services, but also uses warehouse logistics and other transport services from Planzer. ‘Thinking and acting in environmental partnerships with co-creation and synergy effects for all parties is the only viable form of future collaboration,’ says Heinz Wiedemeier, Director of Planzer Home Services.

Weber-Stephen Schweiz GmbH

Since 1952, Weber has celebrated the perfect barbecue experience: with world-class expertise, unmatched product variety and our collective enthusiasm for all forms of ‘Webering’. No other grill manufacturer can boast of such a wealth of experience and knowledge as Weber. As the leading provider with the most expansive product and service range in the industry, Weber today is internationally synonymous with innovation in the field of grilling, perfect grilling products and the ultimate barbecue experience. With locations in over 40 countries on every continent, we’re driving the Weber grilling culture forward all around the globe. The company employs 14 staff members in Switzerland.

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